The North Wildwood Police Department is made up of 29 Full-Time Officers, 4 Dispatchers, 2 Administrative Assistants, 2 Code Enforcement Officers, 1 Records Clerk and 1 Custodian. The Police Department hires seasonal employees to include up to 50 Special Law Enforcement Officers Class Two (SLEO II), 5 Special Law Enforcement Officers Class One (SLEO I), 4 Seasonal Dispatchers and 2 Seasonal Code Enforcement Officers. The Police Department handles over 45,000 calls for service patrolling the streets, boardwalk, beach and entertainment district of North Wildwood.

The city of North Wildwood is committed to principles of an equal employment opportunity.


Full Time

The City of North Wildwood is a Civil Service Municipality. Information about job opportunities for full time positions can be found at


The North Wildwood Police Department has employment opportunities for mature adults looking for positions related to the field of criminal justice. The North Wildwood Police Department is extremely proud to be the starting point for many seasonal officers who were trained in North Wildwood and went on to continue their careers in law enforcement. Former SLEO II officers have gone on to have successful careers in various municipal, state and federal police agencies throughout the country.

The North Wildwood Police Department annually fills positions in the following job categories:

• SLEO Class II – (50)
• SLEO Class I – (5)
• Seasonal Dispatcher – (4)
• Seasonal Code Enforcement Officer- (2)

Applications will be accepted until March 15 for summer employment. SLEO II applicants must be able to perform the essential functions of police work and are subject to a background investigation that will include a criminal history, driver’s license and reference checks, Applicants are then given an interview followed by a physical fitness evaluation and a mental health evaluation. The physical fitness evaluation will be in line with the entry level requirements of the Cape May County Police Academy. Drug testing will also be held prior to and/or during academy training. Should you desire additional information in reference to the application process, please contact the Training and Recruitment Sergeant via e-mail or at (609) 522-2030, ext. 1511.

College Internships

The North Wildwood Police Department will assist those colleges that have internship programs utilizing SLEO II & SLEO I Officers only. This will include interviews, evaluations and samples of the intern’s work product. We urge those interested to contact their school advisors that manage accreditation of internships. In the past, some colleges have offered up to 12 credits for working during the summer at the North Wildwood Police Department.


The following two PDF files are the necessary application documents. Please print and complete the forms as described in the instructions.

Important: Please follow the instructions properly, as described in the documents. Applicants who submit incomplete applications, or do not follow the instructions, will have their applications discarded.

» Application (PDF)
This document contains an introductory letter describing the application process, an instruction page, and the application. Please read the instructions and complete the application carefully.

» Police Officer Essential Functions (PDF)
This document contains a list of the essential functions that are required of every candidate.

» Reference Request Sheets (PDF)
Have your chosen references fill out the required information listed in this document. Note: It would be helpful for you to provide a stamped and addressed envelope to your chosen references to make the process easier for them. Please see more information in the PDF file. Failure to receive the required references will result in your application being discarded.